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                              BUDDY   HOLLY   LIVES





                           BUDDY   HOLLY


                                                                                                   A - C

                                           * =  No Buddy original




   editor  ' BUDDY HOLLY LIVES '


Hello, my friends and comrade music-lovers.

Twelve months of targeted research here and there, as time permitted,
went into my putting together this list of recorded songs, along with their titles and artists. Decades of published music history from Buddy Holly and other artists make up this list. The internet is full of lists, databases, and other forms of information. However, I have noticed that these lists are incomplete. Some of these sources seem to have started out with a bang, but then suddenly stopped before adding the latest items.

By incorporating my own collection, which because of all the years and time invested might appear to be quite extensive, I have attempted to draw up as complete a list as possible. 

I have thoroughly and painstakingly exhausted all available and existing information to my knowledge. Although the result might seem impressive, in actuality its' completeness is temporary. Only for the moment. Aren't we all lucky that new songs and artists just keep popping in out of the blue at random?  Our smorgasbord is infinite.  "Buddy Holly Reloaded" is a prime example of what can suddenly materialize to add a rainbow of joy to our ears and hearts. 

Whoever wants to contribute and help to expand this comprehensive
Buddy Holly database is cordially invited, and encouraged to send me
any information that you think I should add.

After all, this is a work in progress. A never ending story. And I like it !

One last thing. If you see a mistake or error that I might have made, I would appreciate your correction with source mentioned, please. 

                                          Thank you so much,



                   Buddy's Originale und Songs, die er mit berühmt machte

                                      *  =  Kein Buddy Original

Hans, editor Buddy Holly Lives.jpg          


    Herausgeber von


                      Liebe Freunde der einzig wahren Musik.

Meine gezielten Recherchen haben mehr als 12 Monate gedauert.
Dabei habe ich Jahrzehnte veröffentlichter Musikgeschichte in einer Liste zusammengetragen. Alles, was von Buddy Holly und anderen Künstlern veröffentlicht worden ist.

Das Internet ist voll von Listen, Datenbanken und anderen Informations-
quellen, die aber fast alle vom Umfang her zu klein, somit unvollständig sind. Viele Quellen haben gut begonnen, dann aber irgendwann aufgehört, Neues hinzuzufügen. 

Ich habe aus allen vorhandenen Informationen eine komplette Liste erstellt. Dazu habe ich meine eigene Sammmlung, die in diesem Punkt sehr umfangreich ist, in die Cover Song Liste mit eingearbeitet (Daten und .mp3 Dateien).

Das Ergebnis kann sich sehen lassen, ist komplett aber nur als Momentaufnahme zu bewerten. Noch heute kommen neue Künstler hinzu, was ich sehr begrüße. So z.B. "Buddy Holly Reloaded" aus Hamburg mit ihrer ersten CD am 1. März 2010. Das ist schon lange her, aber absolut erwähnenswert.

Wer helfen möchte, diese größte Datenbank in Sachen Buddy Holly im Internet weiter auszubauen, ist herzlichst eingeladen, Informationen an mich zu schicken. Dies ist eine nie endende Geschichte, an der ich großen Gefallen finde. Das ist sogar viel mehr, eine echte Herausforderung für einen Fan der ersten Stunde.

Wer für mich Berichtigungen meiner Liste hat, wird gebeten, dies unter Nennung der Quelle zu tun, damit dies etwas wird und bleibt, das in seiner Art einmalig ist und qualitativ meinen Ansprüchen an dieses Projekt genügt.

                                          Herzlichen Dank !


                              Auf Seite 1 unten auf meiner Startseite

                    steht die E-Mail-Adresse, an die ich um Zusendung bitte.

                                           Ich zähl' auf Dich !


                                          " Ain't Got No Home "

   Clarence "Frogman" Henry
was a New
   Orleans R&B singer. "Ain't Got No Home,"
   from 1956, was his first big hit and the one
   that won him his nickname "Frogman." 
   Henry could both 'sing like a frog' and 'sing
   like a girl.' 


                         Buddy Holly  -  Ain't got no home

                                          AIN’T GOT NO HOME *


Avanties (Bud-Jet Records,Top Teen Bands, Vol.1)

The Band (Moondog Matinee), 1973

Bruce Channel

Carl Mann

Cisco Houston

Clarence Frogman Henry, 1956

James McNally

Jimmy Carl Black (Clearly Classic) Sept 12, 2008

Joe Ely

Nina Simone

Suzi Quatro

The Outlaws (Dee-Jay, Wicked)


                                         " Baby I don't care "

                          Buddy Holly  -  Baby I don't care

   Original by Elvis Presley


                                      (You're so square)

              BABY I DON’T CARE  *



Bobby Fuller, 1990

Bobby Fuller Four, (Live on Stage), 1983

Bobby Vee

Carl Mann

Cee Lo Green (Rave On Buddy Holly), 2011

Cliff Richard and The Drifters (Medley), 1959

Cliff Richard ( “The Definitive Rock & Roll Album”, EVA/EMI 0777 7  8044 1 2 3)

Dave Travis

Eddy Mitchell (SENTIMENTALE – Eddy in London), 1963

Elvis Presley (Soundtrack “Jailhouse Rock), 1957

Hüsker Dü (Lyndale’s Burning)

Joni Mitchell (Wild things run fast - Geffen GHS 2019), 1982

Mark Keeley (You’re the boss, Vol. 2)

Mike Berry (Pink Elephant PE 22.105Y), 1975

Mike Warner

Queen (Live at Wembley), 1986

Robert Bennett (Du liebst nicht heiße Rhythmen, Harmona 3D 36448, 1958, CD Halbstarke BCD 15986)

Shakin’ Stevens 

                                         " Baby Let's Play House "


      Original by Arthur Gunter on a 78 disc from 1954

                 Buddy Holly - I wanna play house with you

                                       BABY LET’S PLAY HOUSE * 

               ( I wanna play house with you )

Arthur Gunter (78 EXCELLO 2047 A), 1954

Elvis Presley

Good Rockin’ Tonight! (Elvis Vol.2)

Good Rockin' Tonight! (The Sun Records Concert)

Holy Rocka Rollaz

Johnny Burnette Rock 'n' Roll Trio

Larry Donn


Mac Curtis & The Rimshots (Live, Lyon-Venissieux), March 10, 1990

Mike Berry (A Life In Music), 1999

Moni Francis & The Bebops 

                                   " Baby Won't You Come Out Tonight "


               Buddy Holly  -  Baby won't you come out tonight

                             BABY WON’T YOU COME OUT TONIGHT

The Accelerators, 2000

Alexis Mazzoleni


Flat Duo Jets, 1993

The Hot Rocks

Jackie Delmone


Mystery Train Rockabilly Band

Ritchie Mars

The Slippers (LP The Slippers – Johanna Records JHN 2019), 1980

The Slippers (CD The Slippers Chance To Dance 1994 Goofin´ Records GRCD 6049), 1994

Steve Hofman

Wild Boogie Combo

Willie Alexander (Everyday is a Holly Day), 1989

                                             " Because I Love You "

                       Buddy Holly  -  Because I love you

                                         BECAUSE  I  LOVE  YOU

Flat Duo Jets, 1996

Half Japanese, 1984

Mike & The Rockin' Devils

The Nolans

Roy Hastings (Decca Single F.11728), 1963

Chords and lyrics "BECAUSE I LOVE YOU"

    Source and © jellynote

                                          " Blue Days - Black Nights "


              Buddy Holly  -  Blue days - Black nights

                                       BLUE  DAYS,  BLACK  NIGHTS

The Accelerators (Let’s Turn It Up, SCSMCD 2010, Made in Scotland)

Alan Mills

antifreezer1939, 2008 (YouTube Video from Tokyo, Japan)

Bela Fleck

The Belmont Playboys

Ben Hall (songwriter) & The Circle Four Ramblers

Ben Hall, Dena Hall & Weldon Myrick

Big Daddy & The Spooks

Black Knights

Blast Off, 2008

Blue Grass Boogiemen

The Blue Stars, Instrumental Version

Bob Luman (Imperial)

Bobby Vee (Medley), 1999

Bobby Vee (Rollercoaster, 2000)

Bobby Vee & The Crickets (The Crickets And Their Buddies), 
Sovereign Artists, 2004

Bottom Dollar Boy$

Buddy Holly Lives! (Live, Gayety Theatre), 2009

The Cadcadz Sun Quartet

Chris Isaak

Danny Reno & The Seniors

Dave Philips & The Hayriders, 2013

Diamond Hand (Demo)

Donnie Allison

The Downhomers

Drop Dead Beats, 2011

Fast Eddie, 2007

Go Cat Go, 1998

Grand Ole Country

The Hal Peters Trio (Goofin', 1985)


The Hillbilly Boogiemen (Live at The Pumpkins)

The Holly Brothers, 2010 (Live, Madrid, Spain)

Jerry Colbert, 2009

J. P. McDermott & Western Bop

John McEuen (WB Single 7-29047), 1985

Jon Shain Trio

Leroy Davis (Vampirella) 1999

Levi Dexter & Magic

Lonely Cats

The Lucky Cupids

Marc Robinson & The Counterfeit Crickets, 2008

Marko Formanek

Marshall Crenshaw

Mike Berry

Mike Berry (Buddy Holly - A Life in Music), 1999

Mystery Gang (live)

Nelson Carrera (Demo) 1999

Nelson Carrera (Tiger)

Nigel Romley

Original Hamburg Cast (Buddy Die Buddy Holly Story), 1994

Original London Cast (Buddy, The Buddy Holly Story), 1989

Paul Hipp From “BUDDY” Stage OST (The Buddy Holly Song Book), 1992

Pete Anderson & The Swamp Shakers

Radio Ramblers

Radio Texas

Red Sovine

The Rhythmaires (Tenth Anniversary Album)

Richard Wiegel (instr.)

Ric Tester

Ritchie Mars, 2008

The Rimshots

The Rockabilly All Stars

The Rockabilly Broadway Cast

The Rockin' Billies, 2010

Rural Delivery

The Silver Tones


Stik Pivot, May 4, 2008

sul1961, 2008 (YouTube Video)

Tasty Licks

The Tennessee Boys

Terry Noland

Tony Vincent (Live)

Western Star

The Wieners (Just Like Buddy - HiHo Music HHS0802), 2008

Willy Poorboy & The Yellow Jackets 


                                              " Blue Monday "

                         Buddy Holly    -    Blue Monday

                                      Original by Smiley Lewis 1954

                                  BLUE MONDAY *


Buddy Holly Lives!, 2005

Cat Stevens

Fats Domino (Imperial Records ‘ 5417), 1956

Fats Domino (This Is Fats), 1957

Fats Domino (Fats Domino sings 12,000,000 Records), 1959

Gene Summers (In Nashville, Big Beat), 1981

Georgie Fame

Keith Almgren (HÄRLIGA LÖRDAG, Sweden)

Randy Newman (Going Home, A tribute to Fats Domino – CD EMI/Capitol), 2007


Steve & Tee

Smiley Lewis (Imperial Records # 5268), March 1954

Sten & Stanley (HÄRLIGA LÖRDAG, live), 1994

Tim Curry (Blue Money Soundtrack), 1986

Vic Hardman - Chinn

                                            " Blue Suede Shoes "

                      Buddy Holly - Blue suede shoes

          Original by Carl Perkins

                                       BLUE  SUEDE  SHOES *


Albert King (Blues For Elvis, Stax), 1970

Andy Kaufman (Saturday Night Live), 1977

The Beatles (Beatles Anthology 3), 1969

Bill Haley & His Comets (Warner Brothers), 1960

Bill Haley & His Comets (Sonet Records), 1972

Billy “Crash” Craddock (Live)

Black Sabbath (Earth)

Bob Harris & John Weston Orchestra (Sapphire), 1956

Bob Rubian (Capitol), March 3, 1956

Boyd Bennett (King), March 10, 1956

Brian Setzer

Bruce Springsteen, 1983

Buddy Holly Rock’n’Roll Show live in concert, 2005

Buddy In Concert - Yes Tonight Josephine - Live 2013, CD Germany

Buzz Williams, 1956

Carl Mann

Carl Perkins (Sun Records), Jan 1, 1956

Carl Perkins (live, A Tribute To Buddy Holly & The Crickets), 2004

Cat Mother & The All Night Newsboys (Medley), 1969

Chubby Checker

Cliff Richard & The Shadows, 1958

Cliff Richard, 1987

Cliff Richard ( “The Definitive Rock & Roll Album”, EVA/EMI 0777 7  8044 1 2 3)

Conway Twitty

The Dave Clark Five (Weekend in London), 1965

Delbert Barker and The Gateway All-Stars (Gateway), 1956

Eddie Cochran

Elvis Presley (RCA Victor), 8 Sept 1956

George Harrison, Bob Dylan, John Fogerty, Taj Mahal, Jesse Ed Davis, 1987

George Harrison, Eric Clapton, Dave Edmunds, Ringo Starr, 1985

Good Rockin' Tonight! (The Sun Records Concert)

The Greatful Dead, Dec 1, 1973

Hank Marvin

Hank Smith, 1956



Jerry Lee Lewis

Jet Black (Jet Black), 7 June, 2003

Jimi Hendrix (Hendrix in the West)

Jim Lowe (Dot), 1956

John Fogerty

John Lennon and Eric Clapton (Live Peace In Toronto), 1969

John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Band feat. Carl Perkins (guitar)

John Sebastian

Johnny Cash & Carl Perkins, 1969

Johnny Hallyday

Johnny Rivers, 1973

Johnny Winter

Die Kettles (Bear Family BCD 16462 AR)

The Kidsongs (Let’s put on a show)

Lemmy & The Upsetters with Mick Green

Loren Becker & The Light Brigade (Waldorf Music Hall Records), 1956

Mary J. Blige, 2002

Merle Haggard

Pat Boone

Paul McCartney, 1999

Pee Wee King (RCA Victor), March 3, 1956

The Residents

Roy Hall (Decca), 1956

Roy Orbison (Live from Kosa-TV, Odessa TX), 1956

Ry Cooder

Shakin’ Stevens

Sid King (Columbia), 1956

Stray Cats

Los Super Reyes

The Teen Kings (Are You Ready?)

Ten Years After, 1969

Thumper Jones (George Jones), 1956


Tom Cruise & Jay Leno, 2008

The Toy Dolls

Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, Jan 21, 1998

Warren Phillips & The Rockets, 1969

Warren Smith 

                                                  " Bo Diddley "


                            Buddy Holly  -  Bo Diddley

          Original by Bo Diddley

                                               BO  DIDDLEY *


Bobby Vee

Bob Seger

Bo Diddley (Eric Records 239), 1955

Brian Best (Hollydaze Tribute to Buddy Holly), Jan 16, 2005

The Carroll Brothers

Connie Francis, 1996

J.M. Van Eaton and The Untouchables (Instr.) iss. 1960,NITA 127

Janis Joplin

Jim Mundy (Hickory Records 45-K-1621S)

Mike Warner

The Rattles (Bear Family BCD 16451 AR)

Ronnie Hawkins (1963)

The Shadows (The Shadows – “In The 60’s” – EMI CDB7 92765 2)


Something Blue

Team Beats Berlin - Medley - (Bear Family BCD 16458 AR)

The Teen Kings (Are You Ready?)

                                        " Brown Eyed Handsome Man "


                     Buddy Holly  -  Brown eyed handsome man

               Original by Chuck Berry

                                 BROWN  EYED  HANDSOME MAN *


Bismarck (Palette Single PB27.061), 1970

Brian Best (Hollydaze Tribute to Buddy Holly), Jan 16, 2005

“Buddy” Das Buddy Holly Musical – Essen, 2009

Chuck Berry, 1956

Chuck Williams & The Fire Band (Songs of Buddy Holly)

David Frizzell (CD "Remember Me"), 2014

Hank Marvin (Hank plays Holly), 1996

Jerry Jaye (Hi 45-2139, Recorded in Memphis)

John Spencer (In de tijd van de Rock ‘n’ Roll)

Kenny Price

Marko Formanek

The Million Dollar Quartet
(Rehearsal Outtake, Sun Records), Dec 4th, 1956

Nina Simone (High Priestess Of Soul LP, New York), 1966

Paul McCartney

Phillip Goodhand-Tait (Span TV Ltd. Cat.No.PGT 006 / CD “An evening with Peggy Sue”), 2006


Puhdys (Rock 'n' Roll Music), 1977

Ray Pilgrim

Roy Orbison (Live from Kosa-TV, Odessa TX), 1956

Something Blue

Team Beats Berlin - Medley (Bear Family BCD 16458 AR)

The Teen Kings (Are You Ready?)

Terry Gale

Trident (The Immortal Songs Of Buddy Holly)

Waylon Jennings (The Buddy Holly Songbook), 1992

The Wieners (Just Like Buddy - HiHo Music HHS0802), 2008

                                              " Buddy's Guitar "

                        Buddy's  Guitar

  Sam Logan (tribute using Buddy's first electric guitar)

                                          " Come Back Baby "

                        Buddy Holly  -  Come back baby

                                        COME  BACK  BABY

Billy and Eddie

Dub Benson

Myron Lee

                                              " Crying, waiting, hoping "


                      Buddy Holly  -  Crying, waiting, hoping

            The Beatles - Cover Song - Crying, Waiting, Hoping

                                       CRYING,  WAITING,  HOPING

Adam Green

The Adventures

The Beatles (Deccagone Bootleg Single), Recorded January 1st 1962

The Beatles - minus Ringo - (The Decca Tapes), 1962

The Beatles (Live at BBC), 30 Nov 1994, UK Apple

Billy Hancock

The Blue Stars (instr.)

Bobby Vee & The Crickets  (Medley) (The Buddy Holly Songbook), 1992

Bobby Vee & The Crickets (Medley), Rollercoaster 2000

Cat Power (live), 2007

Chris Isaak (Listen to me Buddy Holly, Verve) 2011

Christopher W. Lee

Chuck Williams & The Fire Band (Songs of Buddy Holly)

Dave Mason (Split Coconut), 1975

Dave Mason (CBS 3674), 1975

David Bartholomew (Rec. at Academy Studios Colchester England)

Denis Collier

Dick Rivers  (french: Sourire, Souffrir, Ou Pire), 1991

Dogs, 1989

Fair Ground Attraction

Gee Whizz (live), 2006

The Head Cat, 27 June, 2006 (Lemmy & Friends)

Huxley (Perth, Australia), 2010

Jack Mansen, 1959

James Irwin

Karen Elson (Rave On Buddy Holly), 2011

Keith Richards (non studio recording)

Lemmy, Slim Jim & Danny B., March, 2000 (later released as The Head Cat)

The Locomotions

Marco De Maggio Rockabilly Trio (live) Rombas, France, 2002

Marc Robinson

Marshall Crenshaw (La Bamba Soundtrack), 1987

Marty Stuart (The Marty Stuart Show)

Marty Stuart & Steve Earle (Not Fade Away), Decca 1995

Michael Angelo & The Leisures

The Modern Ruins

Philippe Lafontaine (J'Attends, On M'Prend, On M'Jette – Holly Days, EMI France),  March 1998

Pilot (Negram), NL, 1975

The Rattles (live) Star-Club Hamburg, Germany, 1963

The Rattles (Philips P 48 068L- Cryin´, Waitin´, Hopin´ You Come Back), 1964

The Rattles (Bear Family BCD 16451 AR)

Rockabilly Allstars

Rocking Jo Jo and his Red Angels

Runaway Express (from the archives vol. 1), ‘80s

Runaway Express & Jimmy Ibbotson (Kansas Skies)

Runaway Express (Yeah, Buddy!, Medley), 2000

Screaming Dogs (live), 2007

The Silhouets

Stompin’ Bird, 21 March, 2001

Terry Farlan, UK Hallmark, 1969

Terry Noland

Trident (The Immortal Songs Of Buddy Holly)

The TT's, Three Chord Trick, 2002

Valle de Muñecas (Argentina)

Willie Heath Neal (live), 2009

Wreckless Eric (Wonderful World), Stiff UK, 1979 

And here's a very interesting version by Buddy Holly himself

with a new backup from 2010.

Watch the video on YouTube and listen to this superb sound.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARDDXr227rkSent in by German fan Lothar Pedd.

Danke, Lothar !






            BUDDY   HOLLY


            The streets of heaven are paved with Rock 'n' Roll 


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