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                                    BUDDY   HOLLY


Hans, website editorHello, my friends and comrade music-lovers.

More than 2 years of targeted research here and there, as time permitted, went into my putting together this list of recorded songs, along with their titles and artists.

Decades of published music history from Buddy Holly and other artists make up this list. The internet is full of lists, databases, and other forms of information. However, I have noticed that these lists are incomplete. Some of these sources seem to have started out with a bang, but then suddenly stopped before adding the latest items. By incorporating my own collection, which because of all the years and time invested might appear to be quite extensive, I have attempted to draw up as complete a list as possible. I have thoroughly and painstakingly exhausted all available and existing information to my knowledge. Although the result might seem impressive, in actuality its' completeness is temporary. Only for the moment. Aren't we all lucky that new songs and artists just keep popping in out of the blue at random?  Our smorgasbord is infinite.  "Buddy Holly Reloaded"(2010) as well as 'The Baldy Holly Band' (2016)   are a prime example of what can suddenly materialize to add a rainbow of joy to our ears and hearts. 

Whoever wants to contribute and help to expand this comprehensive Buddy Holly database is cordially invited, and encouraged to send me any information that you think I should add. After all, this is a work in progress. A never ending story. And I like it !

One last thing. If you see a mistake or error that I might have made, I would appreciate your correction with source mentioned, please. 

                          Thank you so much,



                                        " Dearest ( Umm Oh Yeah ) "

   Original by Mickey & Sylvia

                               Umm Oh Yeah - Buddy Holly

                                   DEAREST  (Umm Oh Yeah) *


The Black Keys (Rave On Buddy Holly), 2011

The Blue Stars (instr.)

Burnette Daytrotters

Dottie & Bonnie / Don Drummond

Johnny Clarke & Hortence Ellis

John Spencer, NL (Lieveling) - John Spencer zingt Buddy Holly - Dino Music DNCD 1252, 1991

Mickey & Sylvia, 1957

Mike Warner

Phil Trigwell

Ray Ruff & The Checkmates (The Buddy Holly Sounds of Ray Ruff)

Runaway Express (Medley) (Oh, Boy! – Raven), 2004

Ryan Groff (Live), 2009

Texas Mike Bell (Medley) (For The Love of Buddy), 2004 


                A QUITE INTERESTING VERSION from 2016:


               Buddy's original voice with a new Background Music,

                                   worth to listen to !

                     Link in the BUDDY HOLLY NEWS (4)

                                    " Don't Come Back Knockin' "

                   Don't come back knockin' - Buddy Holly

                                  DON'T COME BACK KNOCKIN'

The Barnstompers (live), 2008

Dizzy Elmer

Guillaume Ozoux (Montreal, live, Oscar Peterson Concert Hall), Feb 6, 2009

Laurent Zuccaro (Paris, live), Feb 22, 2009

Rude Norton, 1986

                                               " Down The Line "


                Down the line - Buddy Holly and Bob Montgomery

          This is NOT the Roy Orbison song with the same title !

                                               DOWN THE LINE

The Beat Generation, 2005

Bobby Vee, 1999

The Bobcats, 1981

The Brewers, 1989

Brian Best (Hollydaze Tribute to Buddy Holly), Jan 16, 2005

Cliff Richard ( “The Definitive Rock & Roll Album”, EVA/EMI 0777 7  8044 1 2 3)

Craig Morrison & Friends, February 6, 2009

Danny & The Red Hots, 1980

Darrel Higham, 2006

Darrel Higham and Bobby Vee

Finn & The Sharks

The Hoedowners, Finland, Album Title: Hoedown Jamboree, Label: Goofin', Date: 2002. Catalogue: GRCD6115, Barcode: 6419517061154
Format: CD Album

Jack & The Real Deals, 2015

Jerry Lee Lewis (Jerry Lee Lewis – Live At The Star Club Hamburg – Bear Family Vinyl BAF 18006)

Larry Donn

Paul Waters

The Paley Brothers (Paley Brothers), Sire, 1978

The Pole Cats

Ricky Nelson (The American Dream – Bear Family BCD 16196 FL)


Roy Kay Trio

Runaway Express & Jimmy Ibbotson (Kansas Skies)

Runaway Express (Oh, Boy!), 2004

The Slickee Boys (Every Day is a Holly Day, New Rose Records), 1989

Stevie Ray Dawson

The Tune Masters

The Wagoneers, Album Title: Austin Country Nights, Label: Watermelon, Country: USA, Date: 1995, Catalogue: CD 1039, Barcode: 715971103925
Format: CD Album

The Weber Brothers

                                        " Early In The Morning "

                       Buddy Holly  -  Early in the morning

                                      Original by the Ding Dongs

        (Bobby Darin)

                                   EARLY IN THE MORNING *


The Accelerators (Let’s Turn It Up, SCSMCD 2010, Made in Scotland)

Bobby Darin (as The Ding Dongs)

Bobby Darin (as The Rinky Dinks) (ATCO Records, 45-6121)

Bobby Darin (as Bobby Darin, always the same song)


Bobby Darin (live)

Bobby Darin (The Buddy Holly Song Book), 1992

Bobby Vee (I Remember Buddy Holly), Liberty, 1963

Brian Best (Hollydaze Tribute to Buddy Holly), Jan 16, 2005

“Buddy” Das Buddy Holly Musical – Essen, 2009

Cliff Richard  (LP “Tracks’n’Grooves”), 1970

Cliff Richard (“Best Now” – EMI Japan, CP32-9025)

Col Joye

Confederados Trio

Connie Francis (With love to Buddy), 1995

The Crickets (live) Hard Rock Cafe, Stockholm, Sweden, 1989

The Crickets Sound Project (22)

David Frizzell, Jimmy Fortune (CD "Remember Me"), 2014

Don Gant (Hickory Records 45-1297)

Donnie Allison

Emile Ford & The Checkmates, Piccadilly, 1961

Everybody's Talking

Jade Hurley

Jimmy Justice

John Logan

Johnny Reimar & The Scarlets, DK, 1963

John Spencer (Jij krijgt er spijt van), NL - John Spencer zingt Buddy Holly, Dino Music DNCD 1252, 1991

Mac Curtis

Richard Anthony

Rinky Dinks (original) See: Bobby Darin !

Rose Maddox, Capitol, 1961

Skeeter Davis (Skeeter Davis sings Buddy Holly, RCA), 1967

Terry Gale

Terry Noland

Vernon Taylor 

                                                " Everyday "


                               Buddy Holly  -  Everyday


                       Everyday Cover Song - Don McLean

          (Glen D. Hardin is not the composer, it's Charles Hardin)

                            Charles Hardin =  Buddy Holly


Albert Lee (Gypsy Man - A Tribute To Buddy Holly), Mann Bros. UK, 2019

Allan Berman, 2003

Baldy Holly Band

Barbara Nielsen, (Elke Dag) in the Dutch language, NL, Ariola LP

Becky Hobbs, 1977

Beelzebubs, 1993

Ben Rose, 2007

Berni Flint

Billy Hamblet (rik R-5036)

Billy Swan & Buzz Cason (CD - Billy, Buzz & The Basics Play Buddy) DINKS Records, USA, Released 16.12.2014

The Bluejays (The Buddy Holly EP), JAY 5009, UK, 2017

The Blue Stars (instr.)

Bob Allen & Herbie Layness Orchestra

Bobby Lee Trammel

Bobby Vee, Liberty, 1960 (B-side of “Rubber Ball”)

Bobby Vee (London Single HLG9255), 1-1959

Bobby Vee, 1992

Bridget St. John (CD 'Thank you for . . .'), Dandelion 1972, UK


Brolle (Kjell Hallmark), Sweden, 2009 (The Buddy Holly Musical CD)

Buddy Alan, Capitol, 1970

“Buddy” Das Buddy Holly Musical – Essen, 2009

Buddy Holly Rock’n’Roll Show live in concert, 2005

Buddy Live London (First Night Rec.), Nov. 3 & 4 1995

BUDDY South Africa Cast

The Chequers (Rhino Single RNO112), 1972

Chuck Williams & The Fire Band (Songs of BUDDY HOLLY)

Cliff Clavin (When Everything’s Been Said, Disc 2)

Come Back Buddy Band (A White Sport Coat CD), 2009

Connie Francis (Medley), (With love to Buddy), 1995

The Continentals, 1998

Country Store, July 1974

Craig Douglas

The Crickets (Medley), Barnaby (USA), CBS (UK), 1970

The Crickets

The Crickets & J.D. Souther, 2004

The Crickets (Live Medley)

“The Crickets Sound” Project (22)


Danny Marchese (Soundtrack Big Fish)

Dave Martin

Dave Nichols & The Coins

Dave Travis

David Bartholomew (Rec. at Academy Studios Colchester England)

David Essex & John Denver (Live Medley)

David Frizzell, Jimmy Fortune, Helen Cornelius (CD "Remember Me"), 2014

The Dean Brothers

Dickie Loader & The Blue Jeans, 1963

Dick Rivers (french: Envie D´elle), Dec. 1991

DJ Buddy Holly, 2015 (CD EVERYDAY - The House Remix)

Don McLean (UA Mono UP35519), 23-3-1973 (UK No.38, 1973)

Don McLean (UA 35634A Germany), 1973

Don McLean & Jim Croce, 1973

Don McLean (The Buddy Holly Songbook), 1992, rec. 1972


Don McLean (Different Views), 1999

Eberhard Hohl (Tribute to Buddy Holly), Dec 2004

Eddie Beerens

Eddie Scoop & The Peekers

Edna Savage

Ed Payne ( CD - Paying Tribute To Buddy Holly by Ed Payne, 2013, Propayne Productions, EAN 08 8450 18441 3 0 )

Elliott Murphy, 1985

Elliott Murphy (Every Day is a Holly Day), 1989

Erasure (Other People’s Songs), 27 Jan 2003

The Explorers,  Unity, 1962

The Fabulous Hubcaps

Familee (NL) Negram, (Medley)

Fiona Apple and Jon Brion (Rave On Buddy Holly), 2011

Floyd Domino

Gary Busey (Buddy Holly Story Soundtrack), Epic SE 35412, 1978

Gary Busey (CADA DIA)

Gemma Ray, June 21, 2010

Good 4 Nothing, August 3,2005

Gordon Waller (Capitol P-2346), 1969

Gösta Linderholm (Verje dag, Swedish), 1986

The Graduates (Alacrity Records ALA 001), 1981

Graham Sacher

Hank Marvin (Hank plays Holly), Nov. 1996

Hans van Eijk, 1981

Hellogoodbye, Nov. 4, 2008

Highlights from The BUDDY HOLLY  STORY (Retro Music, Canada), 1996

The Hollies (Buddy Holly), October 1980

The Hot Shots, August 26, 2003

J. D. Souther & The Crickets (The Crickets And Their Buddies), Sovereign Artists, 2004

James Taylor (Greatest Hits, Volume 2), Oct. 1985

James Taylor (live)

Jan Rhode, Sonet, 1964

Jan Rot (Stap voor stap) "Everday" in the Dutch language - CD "Rot Voor Jou", NL,  July 1996, Ariola ‎– 74321 396192, Okapi (2) ‎– 74321 396192

Jeff Smallwood (Chaque Matin – Holly Days, EMI France), 1998

Jerry Naylor

Jimmy Gilmer & The Fireballs (Buddy’s Buddy, Dot), 1964

Jimmy Gilmer, Dot, June 1964

Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, Albert Lee, Nicky Hopkins, Big Jim Sullivan, Clem Cattine & Chris Hughes (Jimmy Page and friends), 1998

Joe Dowell, Mercury, 1961

Johan Lind & The Epics, 1965

John-Boy & The Waltons, Rarity, 2002

John Denver, RCA, (US No. 2, 1992)

John Denver & David Essex (John Denver Show, Medley, BBC Live), 1973

John Mueller

John Spencer (Iedere Dag) - NL - John Spencer zingt Buddy Holly - Dino Music DNCD 1252, 1991

Johnny Lion & Jumping Jewels, Philips, 1965

Johnny Rivers

Johnny Rogers & Tommy Allsup (Johnny Rogers & Tommy Allsup)

Johnny Seay, Philips, August 1964

Josh Solomon & The Empty Pockets (Celebrate Buddy)

Jukebox Junction

Julian Lennon, 1986

Los Juniors (Mexico – Ya Lo Ves)

Lawrence And The First Love (Philips 40635)

Leda Moreno (Mexico – Diariamente)

Lelly Boone (Penny Farthing Single PEN885), 1975

Mark Cool & The Folk Stars

Marko Formanek


Michael Angelo & The Leisures

Micky Dolenz (Buddy Holly Tribute, Romar Single 0-07-7002) and on Album 'The MGM Singles Collection', Label: 7A, Country: UK, Catalogue: 7A001, Date: 13 Jul 2015, LP (400 in blue Vinyl, 300 in red Vinyl) and CD 

Mike Berry (Rock ‘n’ Roll Daze – Rollercoaster Records), 1998

Mike Berry (Buddy Holly - A Life in Music), 1999

Mike Del Rio

Mike Warner

Mother's Pride (Vinyl LP "Buddy Holly In Our Hearts), 1979, Sweden, Habima Records - HSLP 7818

Nigel Romley

Nicki Bluhm and The Gramblers

Nokie Edwards (Mosrite Records Nashvill Tennessee)

Norman Petty Trio, Rank, 1960

Operation: Cliff Calvin, 1996

Original Hamburg Cast (Buddy Die Buddy Holly Story), 1994

Original London Cast (Buddy, The Buddy Holly Story), 1989

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (The Buddy Holly Story), 1978

Paolo Santos, February 1, 2012

Pat DiNizio, January 27, 2009

Patrick Stump (Listen to me Buddy Holly, Verve), September 6, 2011

Pat Surface, 2016

Paul Burch, September 6, 2011

Pearl Jam (2000-10-18: Lubbock, TX, USA)

Penhandle, Happy Tiger, 1970

Peter Byrne (Spirit Land), 1996

Phillip Goodhand-Tait (DJM DJS261 - UK), 1971 - Bell,

Phillip Goodhand-Tait (Span TV Ltd. Cat.No.PGT 006 / CD “An evening with Peggy Sue”), 2006

Phillip Goodhand-Tait (Span TV Ltd. / PGT 031 / CD „radio songs“), 2010

Phil Ochs

Phil Ochs (Live Medley), 1974

The Postelles 

R.C. Bannon, 1978

The Raveonettes (Pretty in Black), 2005

Ray Allen & The Upbeats, Camay, 1964

Reilly & Maloney, 1980

Rick Tucker
Original = "After All These Years" LP (1981) - Sound Of Clovis lable 47265; 33 - Various Artists - Everyday] - Thanks to Lothar Pedd from Germany for sending in the information!

Ricky Norton and The Holly Brothers, 2015

The Rockabilly Broadway Cast

Rockin Buddies From Far East (CD "A Tribute To Buddy Holly", 1997, Japan)

Rockin' Devils (Medley), 1976

Rocky Hart & The Passions, MGM, October 1959

Rogue Wave (Stubbs the Zombie – Soundtrack), 18 Oct 2005

The Rogues (Bruce & Terry), Columbia, December 14, 1964

Rudolph Kolder (Instr. Medley)

Runaway Express (Yeah, Buddy!, Medley), 2000

Ruth, August 25, 2009

Sausalito Foxtrot, February 9, 2010

Scott Baker (Scotty B) 2016 YouTube

Scotty, Spock 'N' Bones, Hipocket, 1986

Something Blue

Sorority Noise, September 30, 2014

SouthBound & Company - The Buddy Holly Review

Stacy Sullivan, August 3, 2004

St. George & Tana, Kapp, 1967

Susan Hart (MGM K14315, USA), 1971

The Sterlings, Decca, 1967

Terry Farlan (Million Copy Hit Songs Made Famous By Buddy Holly – Boulevard), 1969

Terry Noland

Tina Robin (Vogue Coral 103844), January 1958 (Coral 9-61935, US) (MOR arrangement by Neil Hefti for Coral in 1958)


Tommy Allsup,  Reprise, 1965

The Trashmen, 1964

The Tremeloes,  CBS, 1968

The Tren - Dells (Southtown Records 45-22001)

Trident (The Immortal Songs Of Buddy Holly)

The Unchained Mynds, Buddah, 1969

Unknown (probably Graham Sacher), UK, Deacon, 1971

Walter Chancellor, Jr., 2004

Willie Logan (Instr.), 1996

Wylie & The Wild West, June 15, 2004



               Barbara Nielsen - ELKE DAG (EVERYDAY)

                                        " Flower Of My Heart "

                                     FLOWER OF MY HEART

“Buddy” Das Buddy Holly Musical – Essen, 2009

Buddy Holly Rock’n’Roll Show live in concert, 2005

Buddy Live London (First Night Rec.), Nov. 3 & 4 1995

“The Crickets Sound” Project (22)

Kevin Montgomery & The Road Trippers (Live, Glasgow)

Mike Berry, 18-01-1965

Mike Berry (Buddy Holly - A Life in Music - Hallmark 3032 00422), 1999

Original Hamburg Cast (Buddy Die Buddy Holly Story), 1994

                                            " Fool's Paradise "

                             Buddy Holly  -  Fool's Paradise


        Fool's Paradise Cover Song - Teddie Palmer and his Band

                                        FOOL'S  PARADISE

The Allisons

Black Raven & Falcons

Bobby Vee, Rollercoaster, 2000

Connie Francis

"The Crickets Sound" Project (22)

Denny Laine with Paul & Linda McCartney, 1977

Don McLean, 1972

Eric Clapton (Live)

Jet Black (Jet Black), 2003

Johnnie Fox & The Hunters, 2000

Johnny Kingsbury

Lemmy, Slim Jim & Danny B. (Later released as The Head Cat)

Meta Amos Quartette

Mike Berry (2 versions), 1995, 2006

Mike Berry & The Crickets (Vocal Sonny Curtis)

Rod Riga & Lina Valens

Teddie Palmer And His Band

Tommy Allsup

Tommy Roe

Willie Logan 



         The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, The Byrds, Eric Clapton,

         Pete Townshend and Bruce Springsteen all freely admit they began

                              to play only after Buddy taught them how.