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Photos  From  Liverpool
© David Denoon, UK 

My German friend Jochen Rehberg, whose fascinating travelogues I can present on my website (VISITING BUDDY 2002 and

2007 in my chapter BUDDY HOLLY) now lives in Portugal with his wife. We are still in contact, so I got some photos of Jochen

taken by his British friend David Denoon at the British Music Experience Museum in the Carnard Building near the Pier Head


in Liverpool. Of course the theme is Buddy Holly, what else! I thank David and Jochen for letting me show the photos here.



1958  MARCH  -  Buddy  Holly  Tour  Speeds  Around  Britain

Buddy Holly - British Music Experience Museum, Liverpool


'Despite competition from an Elvis film showing just yards away, Buddy Holly 

and The Crickets attract 4,500 fans on the opening night of their 25-date tour of Britain.'

Buddy Holly - British Music Experience Museum, Liverpool

Buddy Holly - British Music Experience Museum, Liverpool

Buddy Holly - British Music Experience Museum, Liverpool

Buddy Holly - British Music Experience Museum, Liverpool

Despite having a professional career that lasted just 18 months, audiences have 

spent 6 decades to listen to the music of Buddy Holly and The Crickets.

"If  it  wasn't  for  the  Crickets,  there  wouldn't  be  any  Beatles."

Paul McCartney

Buddy Holly - British Music Experience Museum, Liverpool

Not always best quality photos, but worth a look. Thanks, guys !

About  Eddie  Cochran



From  My  Local  ALDI  Shop


What a nice surprise. At the weekly offers in women's clothing I found 

a sweater with an imprint that immediately electrified me.

Due to the reflection of the cellophane packaging, 

the quality is not good, but that is not really important.

That'll  Be  The  Day  In  The  UK

The following pics and information were forwarded to me by my mate Roddy Jordan:


From my English mate Dave Parsons!  That’s him in the photos.

Hi Roddy, the following explains the two pictures I sent.

This truck is the one used around the UK to transport all the equipment used on the "That'll be the day" rock and roll show, that has been touring for thirty five years .

We have seen it about twenty times. It is a show that lasts for three hours with a twenty minute break. Contains music from the fifties to the seventies.

The cast are impersonators of all the rock and rollers, plus those from the era after. The show is new every year and it is brilliant.

Two guys that take part Gary and Trevor, do all the arranging of sketches and songs.


We saw the show last Monday down on the south coast, and we are booked to see them again in March next year, with their brand new show.

There are seven blokes and two girls in the show.

They all come out to meet the people after the show and Gary did show up at our local rock and roll club a few months back, and we both had a good meet up with him. 

They do around two hundred and fifty six shows a year. Have to book early as it is always a sell out. 

Hope that explains it mate.

THANX for letting me know, guys!

Buddy Holly in German Youth Mag BRAVO

© Bravo, Germany, 1975

BRAVO Bericht über Buddy Holly 1975

The article was sent to me by the German Buddy Holly fan Jochen Rehberg, who now lives in Portugal. 

Jochen impressed with 2 travel reports on my website. Thanks, Jochen!

I found an inaccuracy in the text. It is reported that the wreckage of the plane was only found 

2 days after its departure in Mason City, which is known to be wrong.

2  x  Buddy

Ed Sheeran with Buddy Holly Guitar and Buddy Holly Tattoo

Ed Sheeran with Buddy Holly Guitar and Buddy Holly Tattoo

Record Collector Mag June 1981

Seen On The Website Of Tilleys Vintage Magazines, Sheffield