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   Some  of  those,  who  already  signed  my  guestbook  ;


                                 LARRY  HOLLEY

Buddy's oldest brother sent a message in October, 2007

Larry Holley book

Hello Hans,

I am sorry it took so long to get to your site but I am new

at this internet stuff.

I want to thank you for helping to keep Buddy's music alive.

Your site has more info than any other that I have seen.

I am Buddy's older brother and mentor and music critic

(there was very little that I could pick on).

I was the first one to get to hear the acetates because

he would bring them home as soon as they were cut.

Back when Buddy was getting interested in music,

he would call on me for advice and help.

I bought his first guitar, the J-45 Gibson and later the

Fender Strat, and a banjo.

He needed money to get started, and I helped with that

as well as his Cadillac.

Since his life and mine were so closely related, much of

what I did influenced him.

Thanks again

Larry Holley 


                            PATRICIA  LOU  HOLLEY  KAITER

                                      Buddy's sister

         Pat died peacefully in the early morning of Sept. 25, 2008.



PATRICIA LOU HOLLEYPhoto courtesy Ingrid Holley Kaiter

Hello Hans.

My daughter, Ingrid has been showing me your webpage.

I know nothing of computers, so I am letting her drive!
Your pages are very nice and I am very impressed.

I sure do appreciate all of Buddy's fans who show their

admiration for his music. I know my little brother would

have been humbled by all the fans and all they have

done to keep his memory alive.

Thank you again for this webpage. Ingrid and I are

going to continue reading. I find it very interesting.

God Bless,

Patricia-Holley Kaiter

Buddy's big sister


                                                    TRAVIS  HOLLEY

                           Buddy's brother sent a message in April, 2008

Travis_Holley.jpgI really enjoy going through your web-site.  I believe it’s a great tribute to my brother.  It is nice that there are Buddy fans all over the world, with some of the biggest fans right there in Germany.

I love to sing and play my guitar even though I never tried to do anything big like Buddy did.  I got so interested in guitars that I started making my own.  I enjoy making the guitars and have made some for well-known artists and many different people around the world.  

My daughter Travetta is very talented in music, as she sings and plays the piano exceptionally well.  My granddaughters play and are musically talented as well.  One of my granddaughters is theatrically talented.   Keep up the good work.

Travis_Holley.jpgTravis Holley

                                              Photos courtesy Sherry Holley / Jochen Rehberg


                                              TOMMY  ALLSUP

                                     Photos: Courtesy Tommy Allsup



Lead Guitarist on Buddy's last Tour.

Tommy was the first guitarist to play a solo on a Buddy Holly recording.

Tommy is a Grammy Award Winner.

Paul  McCartney  calls  him  the  finest  guitar  player  in  the  world.










Buddy Holly's Lead Gitarrist auf dessen letzter Tour, war der erste, der auf einer Schallplatte von Buddy ein Gitarrensolo spielte. Für seine hervorragenden Leistungen für die Country-Musik wurde er mit dem Grammy ausgezeichnet. Der Grammy ist der Oskar der Musikwelt. Damit ist also hinreichend klar, welchen Stellenwert Tommy genießt. Er ist ein "Godfather" der Gitarre und bereits heute eine lebende Legende. Danke, Tommy, für Deinen Beitrag !

Kein  Geringerer  als  Sir  Paul  McCartney  bezeichnet  Tommy  Allsup 

als den  besten  Gitarristen  der  Welt.

Ich schließe mich dieser Beurteilung aus berufenem Munde an !


                                                   EARL  SINKS

Earl Sinks war der Lead Sänger der Crickets nach Buddy Holly's Tod. Man nannte ihn auch den "Mann mit den 1000 Namen", da er unter verschiedenen Künstlernamen Titel aufnahm und veröffentlichte.

   Earl Sinks (left) with the Crickets

           Photo taken in 1959

After Buddy Holly's untimely death Earl Sinks became the Crickets' Lead Singer. He was called "Man with a thousand names", as he recorded songs using different alias names.


          Earl (left) with the Crickets in Lubbock, 1958

"I want to thank you so very much for doing the story on me. I asked my

son to sit and type this out for me as i am not the best at typing. Thank

you for remembering me."

         Earl with the Crickets



                                                JACK  NEAL

                                   Buddy's friend and partner

Endlich ist auch Jack Neal in meinem VIP - Gästebuch 'gelandet'. Damit habe ich

fast alle von damals zusammen, Familie und Freunde. Jack Neal machte bereits

1952 und 1953 Radio Shows mit Buddy zusammen auf Radio KDAV in Lubbock.

Jack Neal 2008 taken by Glenda Ward
Jack Neal nowadays

August 7, 2009

Sorry I couldn't contact you sooner, but I don't have internet.  

I am over here at Sherry Holley's house.

I met Buddy after I went to work for his Dad as a carpenter's helper.  

I was 15 and Buddy was 13.  I got my guitar one day and was playing and Mr.

Holley said his son played a little guitar too, so Buddy and I got together and

started playing music together.

My sister contacted High Pockets Ducan and told him that her brother and a

friend of his (Buddy), played guitars & sung together & would be great for

the radio.


They started the Sat. Nite Jamboree on KDAV Rado. After that we

started the Buddy & Jack Show on Sun. afternoons. This took place

in 1952.

This is a great site! Thank you Hans for keeping the music alive.

Jack Neal

                      Buddy Holly with his parents and Jack Neal.


                                 ASLEEP  AT  THE  WHEEL

                                  ( 9  GRAMMY AWARDS )

                               Photos:  Courtesy Ray Benson

                                              Ray  Benson,

                        front  man  of  " ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL "

                                  signed  my  VIP guestbook.

         I'm  proud as punch to have a message from a band with 

                                 9  (NINE)  GRAMMY AWARDS.


Es ist schon eine Ehre, wenn man einen Gästebucheintrag des absoluten

                                     "King of Western Swing" erhält.

            Ray Benson, der Frontmann der Band "Asleep At The Wheel" hat mit

                                seinen Mitstreitern inzwischen

                               9  (NEUN)  GRAMMYS  erspielt,

                                   ein absoluter Wahnsinn.

        Umso schöner, ihn hier auf meiner Webseite präsentieren zu dürfen.





                                         CARL  BUNCH

                                          R.I.P.  Carl !

                           Photos:  Courtesy  Carl  Bunch


CARL BUNCH, The Frostbitten Cricket,
signed my guestbook. He was Buddy's drummer on the WDP Tour 1959.


                   More about my friend CARL on this website.


CARL BUNCH, der Cricket mit den Erfrierungen, hat sich in mein Gästebuch eingetragen.

Er begleitete Buddy als Schlagzeuger auf der letzten Tour 1959. Danke, CARL!

                              Mehr über meinen Freund  CARL  hier auf dieser Webseite.



                                        SONNY  WEST

                             Photos:  Courtesy Sonny West


Sonny West signed my guestbook. Yes, it's "THE" Sonny West, he co-wrote "OH, BOY" and "RAVE ON".

Thank you, my Texas buddy Sonny!

                 Your guestbook entry made my day !


"DER" SONNY WEST hat sich in mein Gästebuch eingetragen, eben der, welcher die BUDDY HOLLY HITS "OH, BOY" und "RAVE ON" mitschrieb.

Ich fühle mich durch diesen Eintrag meines Freundes Sonny, mit dem ich ständigen Kontakt pflege,  sehr glücklich. Ein echter Freund und Gentleman!


                                                 Country Music Lady

                                               T A N Y A    T U C K E R

Seit 1972 bin ich von TANYA TUCKER begeistert, eine der ganz Großen der Country Musik. "Delta Dawn" war für mich ein Lieblingstitel, viele andere folgten, Tanya ist eine herausragende Persönlichkeit in der amerikanischen Country Szene.

Ganz nebenbei: Tanya hat auch Buddy Holly Titel gesungen, dazu was von Eddie Cochran: "Somethin' Else" im Duett mit Little Richard. Habe ich alles in meiner Sammlung, genial !

                                         Photos: Courtesy TANYA TUCKER


I  like  TANYA  TUCKER  since  I  heard  the fabulous  song  " Delta  Dawn "  in 1972.

A  lot  of  hits  followed. 

She  is  an  extraordinary  personality  in the American  Country  Music  Scene having released 30 albums.  


In my music collection are Buddy Holly songs sung by Tanya (Not fade away)and a great Eddie Cochran song "Somethin' Else", where Tanya and Little Richard  are rocking together,  fab !


Mein Freund Tommy Allsup erzählte Tanya Tucker von meiner Buddy Holly Webseite und sie war so begeistert, dass sie spontan einen Eintrag in mein VIP Gästebuch schrieb.

Ich bin überrascht und sehr glücklich,  von einer so herausragenden Persönlichkeit der amerikanischen Country - Szene ein persönliches Grusswort und Lob zu erhalten.

Danke, Tanya.

My friend Tommy Allsup told Tanya Tucker about my Buddy Holly site.

She had a long look and she liked it. For me it is a great honor to receive such an entry from one of the most important Ladies of Country.

It's a great surprise, as well,  and I feel really happy to be recognized as the Keeper of the Flame for our mutual Buddy. 





                                  MARIA RICHWINE

                         Photos: Courtesy Maria Richwine

Maria_Richwine.jpg Maria_Richwine.jpg


  I played the part of Maria Holly in "THE BUDDY HOLLY STORY".

         Thank you so much for this beautiful tribute to Buddy.

                                            Well Done !!

                                       MARIA RICHWINE

Maria Richwine played the part of Maria Elena Holley in the 1978 film

    "THE BUDDY HOLLY STORY". Thanks a lot for your entry, Maria !


                                  JOHN  PICKERING

                                      R.I.P.  John !



JOHN PICKERING von den PICKS, den "Stimmen der Crickets", trug sich

im November 2005 ein.

Im Jahr 2007 schrieb er nur für diese Webseite die Geschichte der "Picks".

Lesen und fast 30 Fotos sehen lohnt sich mit Sicherheit !


  Thank  you , John !

JOHN PICKERING (THE PICKS, "The voices of the Crickets")

signed my guestbook in November, 2005.

I'm honored by this entry from a V.I.P. member of Buddy Holly's

"inner circle".

A posting from January, 2007:

"Hi Hans,

love your web site.

Here's wishing you a great and successful 2007.

Thanks for all the good things you do to keep the music alive.


John Pickering"

                           Photo: Courtesy John Pickering


                             NIKI  SULLIVAN's  WIDOW  FRAN

NIKI_SULLIVAN.jpgFran Sullivan,


member of the CRICKETS up to 1957,

sent a message.

I'm absolutely happy about

her guestbook entry.

Thank you, Fran !

"I am Niki's widow and I sure wish you had him in the link so everyone knew

who he was and how much he contributed to Buddy's music and how much

he appreciated the Picks, the Roses and John Mueller."


Fran Sullivan, Witwe von NIKI SULLIVAN, CRICKET bis 1957, hat sich in meinem Gästebuch eingetragen. Schon wieder ein Highlight, für das ich mich sehr bedanke bei Fran !


                                            JERRY  NAYLOR

                                    Photo: Courtesy Jerry Naylor

Jerry Naylor, long time member of the CRICKETS, lead singer.

JERRY   NAYLOR   joined  the "CRICKETS"  in  1960,  he  was  their  lead  singer,  and  he stayed  there until a heart attack made it impossible to stay with the "Crickets" any longer, 2nd  one  from  the right.

In 2005 he released a real mega pack about Rockabilly. DVD's and a lot of CD's with rare items about Buddy Holly, Elvis and all those, who made Rock 'n' Roll a worldwide hit.  


JERRY NAYLOR wurde von den "CRICKETS" 1960 gebeten, Mitglied der Band zu werden. Er tat es, wurde ihr Lead-Sänger und hielt es eine recht lange Zeit bei ihnen aus (1960-1965), bis er aus gesundheitlichen Gründen (eine Herzattacke) ausscheiden musste. Auf dem Foto oben der zweite von rechts.


                                                JOHN   BEECHER

G.Goddard,JohnBeecher,MikeBerryJOHN BEECHER, one of the world's best Buddy Holly historians, the absolute No. 1 in Europe, on this early photo together with Geoff Goddard (left) and Mike Berry (right), signed my guestbook. John, I'm honored. Good to know that you are cooperating with my buddy Sonny West, the man, who co-wrote the hits "Oh, boy!" and "Rave, on".

You are one of those who keep the memory alive, not only Buddy Holly, it's the whole range of music of those wonderful years, thanks to your record company Rollercoaster Records, always worth a visit. 

                                      Photos: Courtesy John Beecher

ROLLERCOASTER_RECORDSJOHN BEECHER ist einer der ganz grossen BUDDY HOLLY Historiker in der Welt, die Nummer 1 in Europa sowieso. Er trug nicht unwesentlich dazu bei, dass Paul McCartney seinen Film "The Real Buddy Holly Story" veröffentlichte.

John Beecher 2006.jpgDieser Gästebucheintrag ist für mich eine der grössten Auszeichnungen, die ein Fan von Buddy bekommen kann, denn John ist in dieser Hinsicht sehr sparsam mit Einträgen. Auf dem obigen Foto erklärt er garade Geoff Goddard (links) und Mike Berry (rechts), dass er eine eigene Schallplattengesellschaft gründen möchte. Natürlich ist dieses Foto schon einige Jahre alt, sogar einige mehr. Das kleine Foto rechts zeigt John in Clovis 2006.                                      
                        Photo: Courtesy Liz Eisenbraun


Buddy_Holly_OOH!_ANNIE!.jpgEr hat es geschafft: ROLLERCOASTER RECORDS hat es sich unter seiner Führung zum Ziel gesetzt, sehr viel aus der damaligen Zeit in bester Qualität den Fans dieser Zeit zu vermitteln, nach meiner Ansicht mit viel Erfolg ! So unter anderem präsentiert er meinen Freund Sonny West auf einem einzigartigen Album, das ich gerne bei Fahrten im Auto höre.

Ein absolutes Highlight ist die im September 2007 erschienene Buddy Holly CD "Ohh! Annie!" Ein echtes MUSS für Fans. Einzigartiger Sound und neue Aufnahmen, garantiert! 

         Danke, John !


                                             RUNAWAY   EXPRESS

                                           Photo: Courtesy Jim Ratts

         Some of their CD's :   YEAH, BUDDY  -  OH BOY  -  WOODSTOCK 


4 members of RUNAWAY EXPRESS have signed my guestbook in the meantime:

Salli Ratts, Jim Ratts, Chris Stongle and Dr. Dan Jones.

Happy trails, folks !

Inzwischen haben sich 4 Mitglieder von RUNAWAY Express in mein

Gästebuch eingetragen: Salli Ratts, Jim Ratts, Chris Stongle und

Dr. Dan Jones.

Danke  Euch allen, liebe Freunde auf der anderen Seite des Globus.


                                          JIMMY  TORRES

                               Photos: Courtesy Jimmy Torres

Thank you for signing my guest book, Jimmy !.jpg

      Living legend

      JIMMY ( Wheels ) TORRES,

      former lead guitarist of

      the famous STRING-A-LONGS.

        THANK  YOU,  JIMMY !


    Das ist Jimmy Torres,

    der ehemalige Lead Gitarrist der

    weltberühmten STRING-A-LONGS.

    Der von ihm komponierte und

    gespielte Welthit "Wheels" ist

    wohl das bekannteste Werk.

              DANKE,  JIMMY !


                                     PEGGY  SUE  GERRON

                             Photo: Courtesy Peggy Sue Gerron

                           Peggy Sue kennt jeder Buddy Holly Fan.

Thank you for signing my guest book, Peggy Sue !.jpg



   One of Buddy's greatest hits

   was named after Peggy Sue,

   who married drummer

   Jerry Ivan Allison... 


Die "echte" Peggy Sue, nach der das Lied von Buddy Holly benannt

wurde, hat sich in mein Gästebuch eingetragen. 

                               Vielen  Dank,  Peggy  Sue !


                                           JOHN  MUELLER

                                Photo: Courtesy John Mueller

John Mueller.jpg

John Mueller
, der wohl bekannteste  Buddy Holly Interpret aus den USA, hat sich in mein Gästebuch eingetragen.

Wir haben einige Mails getauscht und John hat mir Fotos geschickt.

Vielen Dank, John !

John Mueller, the "reincarnation" of Buddy Holly, the world's most famous

Buddy singer from the USA, signed my guestbook and he sent some eMails

plus photos.  

                                               Thank you, John !


                                                SHERRY  HOLLEY

                                        Photo: Courtesy Sherry Holley

Thank you for signing my guest book, Sherry !.jpg
Sherry Holley, Buddy's niece and daughter of Larry Holley, Buddy's oldest brother.

She sings and she makes great artwork.

Buddy Holly war der Onkel von Sherry Holley. Sie ist die Tochter von Buddy's

ältestem Bruder Larry. Sherry singt und produziert echt gute Buddy-Kunst.


                                          INGRID  HOLLEY

                              Photos: Courtesy Ingrid Holley Kaiter

Inrid_Holly_Kaiter.jpgIngrid Holley Kaiter is the daughter of Buddy Holly's sister Patricia. Ingrid's father came from Germany to Lubbock, fell in love with Pat and married her.  Ingrid's hobby is singing the Blues with her band.

  She's proud about her German heritage. Her mother passed away in 2008. 

"Guten Tag Hans,

Okay, that is one of about ten phrases that my Dad taught me in German.

I am a true Texas all the way, but am very proud also of my German


I am impressed by your website. I have only spent a few minutes looking

at it and already I am thrilled.

You and I are both fans, of my Uncle.

I look forward to hearing from you again and reading more of your site.

Happy Trails,

Ingrid Holly Kaiter" 

Ingrid Holley Kaiter ist die jüngste Tochter von Buddy Holly's verstorbener Schwester Patricia. Ihr verstorbener Vater kam aus Deutschland und blieb der Liebe wegen in Texas.

              Ingrid singt gerne Blues und hat eine Band.



                                  Gary and Ramona Tollett

                         Photo: Courtesy Gary and Ramona Tollett

Gary_Ramona_Tollett.jpg" We are so proud to have been friends of Buddy Holly. We are the back ground vocalists, along with Niki Sullivan, on Buddy's first big hit "That'll Be The Day"

                Buddy will be missed, but we at least still have his music! "

                                           Dear Hans,

We are so pleased that friends such as yourself, keep Buddy's name alive. 

                     We were happy to sign your autograph site. 

                               Good luck with all that you do.

                                           All our best,

                                    Gary & Ramona Tollett


Courtesy Dick Stewart, TLM

Gary und Ramona Tollett sind ein Teil der Buddy Holly Story.

Auf der erfolgreichsten Single von Buddy Holly und den Crickets,

"THAT'LL BE THE DAY", sangen sie zusammen mit Niki Sullivan

die Background vocals.


                                                  DICK  STEWART

Dick Stewart, photo by Steve Snowden.jpgDICK STEWART, a very good friend of mine. He made a legendary concert in January 2005 in the "Atomic Cantina" in Albuquerque, NM., together with George Tomsco from the legendary "Fireballs".

They played 22 titles from the Fireballs archives together, I'm very happy to own a DVD copy from this unique event.

Dick Stewart ist ein sehr guter Freund. Im Januar 2005 gab er zusammen mit George Tomsco von den Fireballs ein grandioses "unplugged" Konzert in der Atomic Cantina in Albuquerque, NM.

Ich habe das Glück, eine der ganz wenigen DVD-Kopien dieses einmaligen Erlebnisses in meiner Sammlung zu haben. 22 Titel spielen die beiden Altstrategen bei diesem Konzert zusammen, genial.

                                   Saludos, Compadre.


                                         JOHNNY  ROGERS

                                Photo: Courtesy Johnny Rogers

Johnny Rogers ist ein Buddy-Fan erster Güte. In Chicago hat er eine Band, spielt gerne Buddy Holly Songs, bewegt sich wie Buddy und sieht fast aus wie Buddy.

Tommy Allsup hat ihn ausgesucht für seine Auftritte als "TOMMY ALLSUP AND FRIENDS". Das ist ein riesiges Kompliment, wie ich finde und sagt was aus über die Qualitäten von Johnny. 

                        Johnny Rogers, a Buddyholic








Buddy Holly.

He has a band, the Johnny Rogers Band and he is a member of



                                             DAN  WORKMAN

DAN WORKMAN, schon fast eine Legende als Produzent in seinem Studio. Das Studio in Houston Texas ist das SugarHill Studio, in Betrieb seit 60 Jahren mit Legenden der Pop-Musik.

Der "Big Bopper " hat in diesem Studio "Chantilly Lace" aufgenommen, die Rolling Stones, Janis Joplin, mein Freund Sonny West zusammen mit John Pickering von den Picks waren mehrfach hier, aber auch heutige Superstars wie z.B. Enrique Iglesias, Destiny's Child und Beyonce Knowles geben oder gaben sich dort die Klinke in die Hand.

Dan_Workman.jpgDAN WORKMAN is a genius.

A lot of top stars are proud to work with him.

In the past "The Big Bopper" produced his super hit "Chantilly Lace" just here, before Dan hit the scene.  

The "Rolling Stones" and Janis Joplin worked here, as well.

My friends Sonny West and John Pickering have worked here and I'd like to tell

you about today's studio stars, just as there are Enrique Iglesias,  "Destiny's

Child" and  Beyonce.


                                                       ALAN  CLARK


Another entry comes from Alan Clark, who is well known in the music business as an artist, but he is an author of a Buddy Holly book, as well.

Alan Clark hat sich eingetragen, in der Musikwelt als Musiker und als Autor eines Buches über Buddy Holly bekannt, momentan bereitet er ein weiteres Buch über die 3 Stars vor.

I have the written permission by Alan Clark to publish all his photos on my site.


                                                    GERD  ALZEN

MemoMeister GERD ALZEN, DLF.jpgÜber diesen Eintrag habe ich mich besonders gefreut:

Ein Multitalent, dem ich viele schöne Stunden am Radio verdanke:

GERD ALZEN, Produzent und Moderator u.a. der "Original Memory Hits Show" im Deutschlandfunk.

                           JOURNALISTISCHEN  MUSIKSZENE.

   Seine "Original Memory Hits Show" startete im Jahr 2009 in das 5. Jahrzehnt.

          A great entry from the best German Radio DJ, GERD ALZEN.


                              KEVIN  MONTGOMERY


Well known artist from Nashville Tennessee with various albums.

His famous father Bob Mongomery was Buddy Holly's early partner (Buddy and Bob).

                              © Kevin Montgomery

Bob Montgomery, Buddy Holly's musikalischer Jugendfreund, ist der Vater dieses sehr talentierten amerikanischen Bandleaders, der mehrere Alben veröffentlicht hat und in der Szene nicht unbekannt ist. Auf seiner Webseite Fotos, unter anderem von ihm mit Paul McCartney.



                                    BRIAN  BEST


Brian Best, Buddy Holly impersonator, comes from Tonawanda, NY.

On his homepage is a video in full length: "That'll be the day".

Have a look.

                              © Brian Best

Brian's portrayal to Buddy has been infecting and gaining fans with Buddy's unique style of Rock-A-Billy and Rhythm & Blues music throughout the country as well as international (Canada). Brian's on a mission to entertain people on every level. Together w/his band they aim to please the most discriminating fans.  Hollydaze prides itself on giving the ultimate tribute to one of Rock & Roll's all time ICONS...Buddy Holly... At each & every performance  the audiences never leave disappointed... Where ever he goes...he's best known as "EveryBody's Buddy"..This is a show you won't want to miss.....You've seen or heard for many years the other Buddy tribute's from around, the plays, the musicals, the Gary Busey movie....etc....Brian totally depicts that style & grace of Buddy's...If you ever wanted to remember "The Man"...Buddy Holly...or Remember" The Music"..Buddy Holly.., catch a performance of Brian Best.... 

Brian Best tourt mit seiner Band als Buddy Holly durch die Staaten. Auf seiner Webseite kann man ihn auf der Bühne erleben mit dem Lied "That'll be the day". Anschauen !



                                       MIKE  BERRY

One of the true greats of early Britt Rock 'n' Roll, famous singer of the

superb "TRIBUTE TO BUDDY HOLLY" song from 1961, Mike Berry, sent

a message. Mike is one of the music heroes of my youth. I liked his

Buddy Holly tribute song more than "American Pie". I am talking about

the very first version of the song starting with "Snow was snowing . .",

airplay restricted for a long time, but this lyric went deep down.

Courtesy  Mike Berry

Mike Berry.jpg

Mike Berry, Sänger des legendären Songs "TRIBUTE TO BUDDY HOLLY",

zeichnete mein Gästebuch. Ich freue mich sehr, denn Mike war einer

von denen, die mein Herz stark berührten in meiner Jugend.

Seine Hommage an Buddy Holly in der ersten Textversion von 1961 

war für mich "der" Song über Buddy überhaupt. Viel gefühlvoller als

"American Pie" von Don McLean. Im Radio wurde der Song anfangs

nicht gespielt, aber irgendwann, Januar 1962, kam keiner mehr dran

vorbei, diesen "unmöglichen" Text zu veröffentlichen. Ich habe das nie

so empfunden.

Mit Mike habe ich persönlichen Kontakt. Er schickte mir vor einiger Zeit

mehrere CD's mit persönlicher Widmung.

Mike Berry Sweden 2004.jpgJohn Beecher told me, that Mike Berry liked my page "LOVE CLOVIS" about the Clovis Music Festival 2006 very much. He's mentioned there very often including photos of himself and the Outlaws, as well. 

Photo: Mike Berry in Sweden 2004, courtesy  Mike Berry


                               TINKER  CARLEN

                      Photos: Courtesy Tinker Carlen

Tinker Carlen was friend with Buddy Holly starting at the age of 7. He played with Buddy in various bands and he was an "Original Cricket" as described in his new Buddy related book that was released in September  2007. Tinker is still an active musician with a great knowledge about Buddy, as he lived with Buddy.

       This is one of the professional studio photographs of Tinker,

                                 taken in June 2007. 


                                   RODDY  JORDAN

              Australian Buddy Holly top expert and book author

                         sent his posting in May, 2008.

Roderick_Jordan_Buddy_Holly_book.jpgBuddy Holly And The Crickets - MUSICAL HISTORYIN AUSTRALIA, by Roderick Jordan.

          An amazing web site Hans.  Congratulations mate.

          Ians collection is wonderful and so wide spread.

          I have no hesitation in saying this is the best Buddy Holly

          web site I have ever seen.

                    I'm happy to receive a lot of feedbacks from the international

                           community of Buddy nuts from all around the globe.

                                                         Keep rockin' !     


                                                ( Keeper Of The Flame )



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