'BEST'  ERRORS  ( 6 )



This is a series of small and large errors that I have found in connection with Buddy Holly

 on the Internet and other sources, and which has attracted a large number of followers 

on my so-called 'old' website. You have fun, I have fun, let's just keep it up, because 

we need a lot of smiles in this world we live in.


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Errors  A  Go - Go

A  Newspaper  Article  About  The  Plain  Crash - Feb 3, 1959

© Tuscon Daily Citizen, Tue, Feb 3, 1959, Page 1

© Tuscon Daily Citizen, 1959

At first glance one of many reports about the tragic plane crash of the 3 Stars on February 3, 1959. 

This newspaper edition was published as an evening edition on the day of his death.

Perhaps the hurry to place the article in the evening edition is one of the reasons 

why mistakes are more frequent. How many mistakes do you find?


John Mueller instead of Buddy Holly on Wallpaperplay

John Mueller instead of Buddy Holly on Wallpaperplay

And now to an absolute favourite topic of mine in this column, it is once again or still about JOHN MUELLER. Many people write articles about Buddy Holly on the Internet. Unfortunately some of them have probably forgotten what Buddy Holly looked like. 


The main thing is to do business with Buddy Holly, e.g. music albums, DVD's or other sound carriers. The picture of John Müller instead of Buddy Holly appears at every opportunity again and again.
Here are a few new finds from the last months.

John Mueller instead of Buddy Holly

It's not easy to find the right pic!

John Mueller instead of Buddy Holly

From a DVD I bought some time ago.

Pin on Graffiti on Pinterest

John Mueller instead of Buddy Holly

I guess that's enough for the moment.

But if you now think that the mistake always happens with the photo of John Mueller, then you are wrong. 

The following photo of a music album I found at amazon Japan.


NIKI SULLIVAN instead of Buddy Holly

As it's boring to see John Mueller over and over again instead of our mutual Buddy,

let's try another guy, why not NIKI SULLIVAN !


(instead of "That'll be the day")


They wanted to make a very special ad that would later have collector's value . . .


 And  here  I  proudly  present :  

'M A R I N A   H O L Y'

MARINA HOLY instead of Maria Elena Holley

 I met her personally in Germany shortly after her 'canonization'. 

She did not mention this with a word!

Holy cow!


A Music Page from Greece

Buddy was a real all-rounder. Singer, composer, lyricist, producer, musician etc.

But that he wrote Greek music, I read here for the first time !


And finally, something with the title "Better twice than never". 

Buddy's Buddies

Everything's o.k.?

Buddy's Buddies

No, they liked Sonny West more than all other artists, so they put him twice on the cover.

Page 1

BUDDY'S PROTEGE © 2014 Firmo

My good friend Roddy from Australia discovered 

this mistake on closer inspection: 

Buddy talks about his own label and

 mentions the name TAUPE (See page 2), 

but the correct name is PRISM.

Thanks to Roddy !

Page 2

BUDDY'S PROTEGE © 2014 Firmo

© 2014 Firmo


"Funny  things"  are  happening  on  YouTube :

What we see here is NOT an isolated case.

I have seen this several times and I cannot believe it. 

What is happening with the new "copyright campaign"? 

Double entries all the time?

NOT FADE AWAY is only an example.

Many other songs Buddy composed are also affected.


Buddy appears twice on YouTube!

© 2020 YouTube

BUDDY  appears  twice ! !

YouTube have a really great software in use:

This software finds the music titles in videos.

Even exactly from when to when, wow !
And it knows  exactly what the title is called !
And it's  never  wrong !

This Is A Long Buddy Holly Playlist

Have a look at all the songs we know so well !

Buddy Holly's Greatest Hits on © YouTube

© YouTube

YouTube put a long list of songs under this upload of Buddy Holly songs and, 

oh wonder, also found this song by Bobby Angelo and the Tuxedos, "BABY SITTIN'"

although it was not at all among the titles on the playlist

A one-off error in the human-programmed software ???



I  am  a  victim  of  YouTube's  "Copyright - Crusade", as well !

I uploaded a video from German television from 2011 in which I was the main actor.

Hans on German WDR TV talking about Buddy Holly, 2011 © WDR

 I  presented  some  exhibits  from  my  Buddy  Holly  collection. 

Hans on German WDR TV talking about Buddy Holly, 2011 © WDR

The director played 10 seconds of the song 

"It Doesn't Matter Anymore" while I showed the 45 vinyl single.

( 4:51 - 5:01 )

And that was the sobering result:

"BABY SITTIN' " is widespread. 

This song is recognised by the software instead of the correct song.

The software is not suitable, I realise !

YouTube's quality management should do its job!

For me, this false report was not without consequences:

My video was blocked in several countries because of an 

alleged copyright infringement by the song "BABY SITTIN' " !

Thank you, YouTube!


While checking for some pics for my COVER SONG pages,

I stumbled upon this label of a NOT FADE AWAY cover.

Have a look at the name of the second composer please !

B. Holl Composed

Part of a German Vinyl Single. " Weinen, Warten, Hoffen "

The German Version Of " Crying, Waiting, Hoping "

 The name of the composer is mentioned twice.

His name is: B. Holl !


What about this "new" composer of "NOT FADE AWAY" ? ?

2 song names are incorrect

GREAT:  Peggy Sue Got MARRY ! !

And :

Sonny Curtis is rocking around with OLIE Vee ! !

(as seen on YouTube)

And Sir Paul is singing a new song called

" I'm Gonna Love You TO "

A few new finds without John Mueller are like soup without salt. 


There he is again !

(as seen on Pinterest)

Die Plattenfirma hatte wohl einen totalen Blackout gehabt an dem Tag, als die Label gedruckt wurden. 

Wenn man auf die Namen der angeblichen Komponisten schaut, findet man keine Worte !

Jagger / Richards ? ? ?

Jagger / Richards did NOT compose NOT FADE AWAY

The record company must have had a total blackout the day the labels were printed. 

When you look at the names of the alleged composers, you can't find words !

© YouTube

Phonetically it may be true, but it is definitely written differently!


Wrong title, same lyrics and music

Alzheimer's sends its regards!

What was the correct title ? ? ?

Incorrect spelling of Bill Tilghman's name.

Bill Tilghman wrote a lot of songs for a lot of famous artists.

Here  is  one  more  of  the  many  incorrect  spellings  of  his  name. 


At first glance, THIS is an absolute sensational find!

A Buddy Holly EP from MCA (Bertelsmann) Mexico from 1981.

Buddy Holly sings all the tracks in Spanish !!!!

Buddy Holly sings all the tracks in Spanish ???

No, he didn't sing a single title in Spanish,

but the buyer has to believe that he does.

The word "ERROR" comes hard to my lips for this . . .


Auf den ersten Blick ist DAS ein absoluter Sensationsfund!

Eine Buddy Holly EP von MCA (Bertelsmann) Mexico aus dem Jahr 1981.

Buddy Holly singt alle Titel in spanischer Sprache !!!

Buddy Holly singt alle Titel in spanischer Sprache ???

Nein, er hat keinen einzigen Titel in Spanisch gesungen,

aber der Käufer muss glauben, dass er es tut.

Das Wort "ERROR" kommt mir dafür schwer über die Lippen . . .


© MCA Mexico 1981

Am  I  right,  am  I  wrong  ?


Song title in English, name of Artist misspelt

© DECCA Mexico, 1957

The  correct  English  title  of  the  song  is printed  on  the  label, 

the  Spanish  translation  is  underlined  in  yellow.

That's  OK !

B U T :

The name of the singer is not quite correct,

but it looks pretty good, doesn't it ?


This CD cover stands out due to 2 special features.

Artistically well solved connection of the name Holly with the glasses.

Plus an embarrassing spelling mistake: GREATIST instead of GREATEST.