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Born out of a conversation with Roger Daltrey, who first conceived the idea of Words of Love back in 2017, Genesis Publications is honoured to publish the definitive celebration of musician, songwriter and rock and roll trailblazer, Buddy Holly.
In partnership with María Elena Holly and the Buddy Holly Educational Foundation, this seminal volume covers Buddy's life, music and enduring legacy, offering an unseen perspective on the man behind the timeless music. This edition is presented as a limited edition boxed set of just 559 copies and features original cover art created specially by Ronnie Wood, with a foreword by María Elena Holly and an introduction by esteemed music critic Greil Marcus. The proceeds will benefit Teenage Cancer Trust and Teen Cancer America.


The book is narrated by over 80 of the world's most influential musicians, such as David Gilmour, Emmylou Harris, Robert Plant, Bruce Springsteen, Pete Townshend and Brian Wilson, explaining what Buddy Holly means to them. Words of Love unravels the complexities of Holly's enduring legacy, from his Texan roots, to his work in the studio and on tour with the Crickets, to his inner creative world and the final months of innovation in New York City that preceded his tragic death.

Words of Love charts the unusual rise of a musical pioneer who defied conventions and changed the course of music history. Buddy's career is presented through a large collection of never-before-seen photography and personal items belonging to Buddy Holly, accompanied by the stories of those close to him, including María Elena Holly.

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( Forthcoming Events In February, 2023 )


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More about J.P. here on my 'old' website :

- The J.P. McDermott Story -




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Unbelievable, but true: 

The Rarest Known Buddy Holly Poster For Feb 3, 1959,

Told To Be The Only Existing Poster For The 2 Moorhead WDP Concerts,

Sells For

$ 447,000  !

Thanx to Dave Parsons and Roddy Jordan for the information!

Buddy Holly Poster sells for $447,000 on Nov 11, 2022

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It happened on Nov 11, 2022


Here is the line-up for the 2023 memorial events honoring the 3 stars Buddy, Ritchie and J.P..

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Sonny_West_in_Hemsby - Published with written permission of Sonny West

Sonny West in Hemsby

R.I.P.  Sonny  West

July 30, 1937  -  September 8, 2022

Songwriter of Buddy Holly’s ‘Oh Boy’, ‘Rave On’

Sonny West dies

By KCBD Staff (Thank you!)


 It is with heavy hearts we share with Buddy Holly fans

and Rockabilly aficionados, Sonny West, most notably

the songwriter of “Oh Boy” and “Rave On”,

passed away on September 8, 2022 in Grove Oklahoma.

Sonny West on stage Clear lake Feb 1, 2020 - Photo published with Sonny's written permission

Sonny on stage, SURF Ballroom Clear Lake IA, Feb 1, 2020

Sonny West, was born as Joe Bob West in West Texas on July 30, 1937.

Though Sonny lived many years in Texas and throughout the Southwest,

he resided in Northeast Oklahoma the last two years of his life.

Sonny West with Larry and Travis Holley, Buddy Holly's brothers - Photo published with written permission of Sonny West

Sonny West with Buddy Holly's brothers, Larry and Travis

Sonny wrote songs, and was a man of many other talents as well,

being a self-taught silversmith and artist of beautiful silver and turquoise

 jewelry inspired by the Native Navajo and Zuni American Tribes

of New Mexico. Sonny was also an inventor.

He single-handedly manufactured vinyl record needles for

jukeboxes around the world. In more recent years, Sonny was

a maker of several styles of guitars showcasing

that special sound of a bygone era.

Sonny in the SURF Ballroom, Feb 1, 2020

Many of us in Sonny’s world, felt he was there at the very beginning of real Rock-n-Roll music, and fortunately crossed paths with Buddy Holly at just the right time, when they were mere teenagers. He has now become one of the last to close out that era.
Before his songs made the Billboard charts with Buddy Holly’s rendition, Sonny had recorded the double-sided 45 record “Rock-ola Ruby” and “Sweet Rockin’ Baby” in 1956. These songs are considered by many to be the beginning of the Rockabilly genre, where it led to what we know as Rock-n-Roll Music.





A gift for Hans from Sonny West, published with written permission

Sonny's Business card, from Hans' collection

Sonny is one of the original inductees of the Rockabilly Hall of Fame,

the West Texas Musicians Hall of Fame,

BMI Million Airplays Award for Sonny West - Photo published with written permission

The BMI Million Airplays Award for Sonny West

and is a recipient of BMI’s Million Airplays Award.

His songs have been recorded by scores of artists and featured in

dozens of television shows, films, documentaries, and television ads.

Sonny West, Tommy Allsup - Published with written permission of Sunny

2 Friends: Sonny West & Tommy Allsup

Until recently, Sonny performed in live shows in Europe and the U.S.,

entertaining fans with his well-known classics. He was proud to be

 a part of the rich history his music had been an integral part of.

He is survived by one sister, two daughters, two step-sons, a step-daughter,

 four grandchildren, and many nieces, nephews and cousins.

He was preceded in death by his wife.

Public visitation date and time are pending.

A public “Rave On” Celebration of Life will also be planned

for November in Oklahoma. If you would like to attend,

inquire by email at RaveOn.SonnyWest@gmail.com

If you were impacted by Rockabilly Music, or specifically Sonny’s songs,

and would like to share memories, photos or other correspondence, please write to:

Sandra Fay West-Haynes
PO Box 451391Grove OK 74345-1391

In lieu of flowers, please send support to the Buddy Holly Educational Foundation. (tbhef.org)

© 2022 KCBD. All rights reserved.

Editor's note:

Sonny West was more than a friend to me, he was my buddy

for 17 years. The friendship began in 2005, when I started

my Buddy Holly Fan Pages buddyhollylives.info

Rest In Peace, Sonny ! We all miss you !


All photos added to this © KCBD article were sent to Hans (editor) by Sonny West himself

with written permission for publication on this website.


Re-united again 2022 by Christian

R.I.P. Jerry Ivan Allison

August 31, 1939 - August 22, 2022

The Last Surviving Member Of The Original Buddy Holly And The Crickets Band, 

Drummer Jerry Ivan Allison, Passed Away

Editorial Text © 2022 PA News Agency


Buddy, Joe B. and Jerry

Musician Jerry Allison, who played alongside Buddy Holly in American rock band The Crickets, has died. 

The drummer, who is credited with co-writing hits including That’ll Be the Day and Peggy Sue, 

died on Monday aged 82. His death was announced on the official Buddy Holly Facebook page, 

with a statement paying tribute to Allison as a “musician ahead of his time”. 

Jerry Allison 1989 by © Steve Bonner

Photo by © Steve Bonner,  taken December 1989

at the Happy Day's Club in Dallas

Thanks to Roddy Jordan for sharing !

“Our sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Jerry ‘JI’ Allison, 

drummer in the Crickets, one of Buddy’s very closest friends, 

and the inspiration to drummers for decades since, 

who passed away today at the age of 82,” the statement read. 

The Crickets at the BBC 1958
Buddy and the boys at the BBC show "Off The Record" during the UK Tour March 1958
Photograph John Rodgers

 “JI was a musician ahead of his time, and undoubtedly his energy, 

ideas and exceptional skill contributed to both The Crickets, 

and rock n’ roll itself, becoming such a success. 

“Buddy is often heralded as the original singer-songwriter, but JI, too, wrote 

and inspired so many of the songs that would go on to be eternal classics.” 

The Crickets were formed by singer-songwriter Holly in January 1957. 

Their first hit record, That’ll Be the Day was released in May 1957

 and peaked at number three on the Billboard Top 100 chart in September that year. 


From Ian Higham's Collection

The cover of their first album, The ‘Chirping’ Crickets, showed 

the band line-up at the time of Holly, Allison, Niki Sullivan, and Joe B Mauldin. 

Of that four, Allison was the last living member with Sullivan and Mauldin 

having died in 2004 and 2017, respectively. 

Holly himself died in an air crash in 1959, aged only 22. 

The Crickets, who also at one time included country musician Waylon Jennings,  

were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on April 14, 2012.


 Texas Country Music Hall of Fame 

 2022  inductees

© KTRE, KLTV April 6, 2022
© Microsoft News 2022

© KTRE, KLTV and Microsoft News 2022, Texas Country Music Hall Of Fame 2022 Inductee BUDDY HOLLY

" Our First Inductee This Year Is The Great BUDDY HOLLY "

Buddy Holly's Widow with the latest award for Buddy Holly 2022

Maria Elena Holley, Buddy's widow, with the latest posthumous award for our Buddy.

All efforts have been made to locate the source of the above photo but to not avail. 
However, I do acknowledge that person.

'Buddy Holly 
Inducted Into The
 Texas Country Music
 Hall Of Fame
 Carthage, Texas 

 The Texas Country Music Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and concert was held Saturday, August 13 at the Carthage Civic Center. Comments were heard such as, "What a weekend! It was the best show we've been to! It was my first one coming to and it was great. I will be back!"  The 25th annual Classic Country Music Festival saw a full weekend of celebrations starting with local musician Chase Dawson winning the John Ritter Tribute Showcase on Friday evening. On Saturday morning, the KGAS Tex Ritter Roundup selected Abby Nabors from Calera, Oklahoma for the $1000 first place prize money. Starting off the show as emcee, Tracy Pitcox filled in for Dallas Wayne who was unable to attend due to sickness.  

Entertainment for the Saturday night crowd began with a Buddy Holly tribute performed by John Mueller who sang many of Holly's greatest hits including "That'll Be the Day" and "Peggy Sue"

Next were performances by previous  John Ritter Tribute Showcase Winners Zac Clifton (2021) and Bailey Ray (2019) and the current winner and Carthage native Chase Dawson. Entertainers for the evening: Randy C. Moore who sang his newest hit "Luckenbach" and also a tribute to former inductee Kenny Rogers who died this year. He sang the popular song, "Lady." Leona Williams and Ron Williams, Marty Haggard who sang several of his father, Merle Haggards songs. Linda Davis, Lang Scott and Bobby Tomberlin each sang a Mickey Gilley song to pay tribute to the Hall of Fame inductee who also passed away this past year. Tess Frizzell sang with David Frizell the #1 hit "You're the Reason God Made Oklahoma" which he made famous with Shelly West.

And to conclude the festivities, David Frizzell, Buddy Holly and The Texas Tenors were inducted as the  newest members of the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame. 

David Frizzell put on a great performance singing his hit songs "I'm Gonna Hire a Wino to Decorate Our Home" and "There's a Reason God Made Oklahoma", singing with Tess Frizell. He told stories of his brother, Lefty Frizell and also sang, "Lefty, Merle, and Me" in which he called Marty Haggard back on stage to perform with him. The Texas Trio lit up the stage with their performance and had the audience on their feet for several songs, particularly "I'm Proud to be An American" which is a song they performed when competing on the America's Got Talent competition.  Their tenor voices resonated with songs ranging from country to opera which delighted the audience. The very personable group received a standing ovation at the completion of their set.

© Carthage, City Of Texas, 2022 (Thanx a lot!)

More, soon . . .